Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Hi girls, This is your Daddy. I thought you would like to know ten things about your Momma in celebration of her birthday today.

10. She is currently addicted to McDonalds' Sugar Free Vanilla Ice coffee.

9. This is her last year in her twenties!

8. You may be able to tell, but she loves taking photos of you.

7. She hates to admit when I am right (which is all the time)!

 6. Ashlee loves to shop!

5. She loves reality (trash) T.V.

 4. Mommy's least favorite chore is putting the dishes away.

3. She is very dedicated to keeping up your website so everyone can watch y'all grow!

2. Ashlee loves you babies with all her heart!

1. She is the Best Mommy Ever!!!!!


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