Friday, October 21, 2011

8 Months!

The girls are now 8 months (4.5 months adjusted) and they are doing great. Presley is 11 lbs 9 oz and Kourtney is 12 lbs 7 oz. They love to roll all over the place and talk, especially Presley when she does her raspberries. They are both now eating cereal from a bowl and spoon once a day and maybe in a couple of weeks we will move on to baby food! We are still struggling with Presley's weight as she is below the 10% percentile but there isn't much else we can do as she already eats way more than Kourtney. The Dr. thinks because she is so active and has "ants in her pants" that she burns more calories that she takes in and that's OK for now. She is quite the active little baby-she is always on the move and loves to be entertained. The cereal is helping her to take longer naps-about 1 hour to 1.5 hr naps instead of her usual 20 minute naps before the cereal. Kourtney is in the 15% percentile and is doing well as long as she continues on her growth curve. Kourtney loves for me to make her dance to Jake and the Neverland Pirates song where it goes "Swim away....crocodile....drink your tea...Sharky and Boots!" It is so cute because she laughs so much when we make her dance to it. She really doesn't like the show though-just the dance. They have also taken a liking to Winnie the Pooh. I maybe encouraged it because I was growing tired of Mickey Mouse! We just recently carved their first pumpkins and Daddy bought these Lite Bright pumpkin kits where you push in colored pegs into the pumpkins and put a light inside and they flash through and make a cute, colorful pumpkin. We carved a bat and kitty cat. They love looking at it and can stare at it for hours! Here are some pictures and videos: