Saturday, August 23, 2014

Life Lately

*sigh* I always say I am going to post more, but then I never do. Twin toddler life is so, so busy. The good kind though. I have been sewing a lot lately and it seems to ease my worries about Presley and her health issues. But, that's another post for another time. It's HOT here in Miami and to my understanding, it's always going to be like this--year round! So I started getting worried when all of the store here completely put away their shorts and the shelves are filled with jeans and long sleeve shirts and dresses. Yikes! What am I supposed to wear in the fall and winter seasons? What if the girls grow out of their shorts? I asked some of the other military wives and they said they just be sure to stock up beforehand to carry them through. Nice. I didn't do that. But then, I found the Willow & Co. Clover shorts. I don't care if I ever make another pair of shorts other than these ever again. I adore the pleats. It's so me. And Presley and Kourtney of course. I paired it with the Aster Cardigan from Willow & Co. as well since when it rains it does get chilly when you are wet and go into stores or the house with air conditioning. Oh and did I mention it rains everyday? Life in Miami is definitely what I am most used to with the beach life but I do miss those San Francisco views :( Anyway, here are the insanely adorable Clover shorts and Aster cardigan I made:

In love with the palm tree reflections in her sunglasses