Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kourtney the Cookie Monster!

I was cleaning today and noticed that it had gotten unusually quiet for a while so I peeked my head around the corner and found this:

Kourtney had gotten into the unopened package of cookies that Daddy left on the table! It was a big mess and I cannot believe she opened them all on her own! She loved them and she gave her Daddy the sweetest little face when he went to go clean up after her. We let her have one little cookie for a few minutes but I'm betting that she will love chocolate chip cookies just as much as her Daddy does!

Monday, March 19, 2012


The girls are getting closer and closer to walking and it should be any day now! Kourtney is a little bit more steady on her feet than Presley but I think that is because Presley gets so excited that she is standing unassisted that she tries to jump in excitement and loses her balance.

Presley is so hyper these days and it is no wonder why she cannot gain any weight! We are all going through a rough patch these days as teething is making the girls really uncomfortable and we have been getting up multiple times a night with them. It usually ends up with Kourtney in the bed with us which I know is a bad habit to make but I love the extra cuddle time and she goes right to sleep with us. I love knowing that I can calm her and soothe her even though she is so uncomfortable.

The tooth update:

                                Kourtney: 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 top and cutting a canine on her left side)
                                Presley:    3 teeth (2 bottom and 1 top and cutting her other top tooth)

Hopefully these teeth cut soon as we are all very sleepy during the day! Presley is now saying Ba-Ba and I am still trying to get it on video. Kourtney has added another new word: Pa-Pa. I think we should change Grandpa Vick's nickname to Pa-Pa. What do you think Grandpa?
In other news, the girls will get to meet their other Great Grandma which we call Great Nana and also Grandpa is coming to visit us as well in about a month. We are all so excited to see them again and we really hope it is beach weather because Travis and I are dying to go to the beach again!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mimi and Great Grandma Visit

Mimi and Great Grandma came to visit all the way from Texas. This was the first time Great Grandma got to meet the girls and she was beyond thrilled. Here are K and P with their Great Grandma:

Mimi was so happy to see "her" girls again and couldn't wait to give them hugs and kisses.

Of course, Mimi brought presents like she always does-a big Texas sized suitcase full. They were wrapped since she had originally planned to be here for the girls' 1st birthday but came down with a cold so she had to postpone her visit until now. The girls had a blast celebrating their birthday again and they got their first Barbie dolls from Mimi--Mermaid Barbie. I loved Barbies growing up and I remember playing with them for hours with one of my best friends, Liz.

You have presents?

For us?

 Mimi also bought the girls bath squirters and they officially graduated to the big girl tub. This saves time and they like the water and bubbles. Presley loves to splash and Kourtney hates when her sister splashes her in the face.
Splish Splash!

Big girl tub!

Kourtney getting mad at Presley for splashing water in her face

Mimi also ordered the girls their first scooters. It took us a while to figure out just the right ones to get because most of them are for average sized one year olds and Presley and Kourtney are the size of 6 month olds if that so we decided on the little giraffe and zebra ones because they were the cutest and the shortest. Turns out they are also too tall! That's OK as they will grow into them. They love to be taken around the house in them and we do "diaper change stops" in them. When it is time for a diaper change, we put them on them, and wheel them to their changing table. They love it!

In other news, Kourtney now knows three words: Ba-Ba (bottle), Da-Da, and Ma-Ma. She said Ma-Ma first and definitely says it more often than Da-Da and always tugs at my pant legs and says "Mom". It is so cute and melts my heart! Presley is just getting started on Ba-Ba but I am sure she is going to catch up quickly. Here are some videos: