Monday, March 19, 2012


The girls are getting closer and closer to walking and it should be any day now! Kourtney is a little bit more steady on her feet than Presley but I think that is because Presley gets so excited that she is standing unassisted that she tries to jump in excitement and loses her balance.

Presley is so hyper these days and it is no wonder why she cannot gain any weight! We are all going through a rough patch these days as teething is making the girls really uncomfortable and we have been getting up multiple times a night with them. It usually ends up with Kourtney in the bed with us which I know is a bad habit to make but I love the extra cuddle time and she goes right to sleep with us. I love knowing that I can calm her and soothe her even though she is so uncomfortable.

The tooth update:

                                Kourtney: 4 teeth (2 bottom and 2 top and cutting a canine on her left side)
                                Presley:    3 teeth (2 bottom and 1 top and cutting her other top tooth)

Hopefully these teeth cut soon as we are all very sleepy during the day! Presley is now saying Ba-Ba and I am still trying to get it on video. Kourtney has added another new word: Pa-Pa. I think we should change Grandpa Vick's nickname to Pa-Pa. What do you think Grandpa?
In other news, the girls will get to meet their other Great Grandma which we call Great Nana and also Grandpa is coming to visit us as well in about a month. We are all so excited to see them again and we really hope it is beach weather because Travis and I are dying to go to the beach again!

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