Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

After a rather uneventful day, of just playing and hanging out, we decided we would go Trick or Treating this year. This Halloween was actually the first time the girls ventured out for some Trick or Treating! We went down the hill to Taylor Street where the houses are all decked out and everyone goes and we had so much fun! Of course the girls were a big hit and people stopped us and commented on how cute and little they were. They went as superheroes this year and were Super Presley and Super Kourtney! I made their shirts myself and the tutu happened to match from a past modeling gig (the Thing 1/Thing 2 photo shoot). After a couple of houses Presley got enough courage and was walking up to the houses and people and accepting the candy from them. She would then put the candy in her bag, and ask for more. So cute! She really got the concept which was suprising. Kourtney, on the other hand, was more upset at the fact that we needed to hold her hand since there was quite a few people around (it was packed actually). She hates to hold hands! At the last few houses she finally started accepting the candy from the strangers. I wish I could've gotten more pictures but it was so hard trying to hold on to them when all they wanted to do was run around and there was so many people and also dark. Oh well. I did get some with my cell phone and those will have to do.

Daytime pictures: We totally slacked on the carving of pumpkins this year and I bought the girls a Glitzy Pumpkin kit. I probably won't ever do that again because they look really cheap and ghetto. Almost too embarrassed to post pictures of them on here. Oh well. After the girls woke up from their nap I decided to give them a little daytime candy since I knew I wouldn't dare give them any this evening when we went Trick or Treating since they would have trouble sleeping with all the sugar. They didn't care too much for the marshmallow on a stick treat so what did they do with it? Play swords with them. It was all fun and silly until Presley took a big swing at Kourtney and smacked her on the below. At least it was just marshmallow! Ugh these kids, gotta love em!



Ehhhh.....not my favorite candy Mama. Sword fight? Ok!!!! 


After that I decided it was probably best to move onto a different activity. 
Glitzy Pumpkins

Trick or Treating:



 After Trick or Treating:

Happy baby with her Tootsie Roll

Wanting to go down the elevator for more Trick or Treating


Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Sweet Shoppe Modeling Pics

 The girls got to model these cute little tutus from Southern Princess Boutique and so I made a Sweet Shoppe themed backdrop and needless to say, there was no nap yesterday from all the sugar that was consumed. Haha! We had fun though! *Daddy says never again* ;)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our new wheels!


Cozy coupe? No thanks....we have Texas blood and we drive pickup trucks like Grandpa and Daddy! Grandpa bought the girls a cozy truck for Halloween and they are having a blast! Running stuff over, running each other over....yeah the house is a disaster but they are loving every minute of it! I took them on a long walk when they woke up from their nap today and managed to get a couple of pictures with my nice camera (thanks to the cozy truck's bed) but I couldn't get a lot because it is so hilly here and I didn't want the girls going over 30mph. Hehe. They loved it and would scream when I stopped just to snap a few pics!

Moooooooommmm.....let's gooooo......

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baking with Mama

I had a bad day today and so the best way that I know of to remedy that is to bake something and clean. So while I was letting out all my fustration on the housework, I threw some pumpkin muffins and bread into the oven. The house smelled AMAZING and luckily I had two of the cutest little helpers!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lunch at Daddy's Work

We visited Daddy at work today and had lunch with him today. You girls wore your squeaker shoes and were running around everywhere squeaking and Daddy and I were running chasing you all over the place! The Coast Guard media room is definitely not baby proof! You both played so much with the phone and looked like little secretaries putting it up to your ears and placing the call on speaker. So cute. After we all ate we went over to where Daddy fixes the search and rescue helicopters and he put you girls in there and you LOVED pressing the millions of buttons! He even strapped you to his seat where he hoists people up in the basket when they need rescueing. Kourtney, you did not like that very much--in fact, you hated it and started crying! I guess it reminded you too much of your car seat. Kourtney was the co pilot and Presley was the pilot!