Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lunch at Daddy's Work

We visited Daddy at work today and had lunch with him today. You girls wore your squeaker shoes and were running around everywhere squeaking and Daddy and I were running chasing you all over the place! The Coast Guard media room is definitely not baby proof! You both played so much with the phone and looked like little secretaries putting it up to your ears and placing the call on speaker. So cute. After we all ate we went over to where Daddy fixes the search and rescue helicopters and he put you girls in there and you LOVED pressing the millions of buttons! He even strapped you to his seat where he hoists people up in the basket when they need rescueing. Kourtney, you did not like that very much--in fact, you hated it and started crying! I guess it reminded you too much of your car seat. Kourtney was the co pilot and Presley was the pilot!

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