Sunday, February 24, 2013

P & K Turn TWO!

Ok seriously how did two years go by as fast as they did and how did my little 1 pound micro-preemies turn into perfect little toddlers? It's amazing how time and life can slip by if you let it. I fight it everyday....I memorize their perfect little features, their little eyelashes and how long they are, how Kourtney's eyes are the perfect shade of blue, how Presley's got the sweetest little dimples....I watch them sleep, I play with them all day and am amazed as they learn something new everyday. It's amazing. I love being these little girls' mom. I love it. I am just sad at how fast it is going. I wish I could press pause in this very moment. At this age. Such a fun age.

The girls turned two on February 18th and I am just so amazed at how far they have come. I can't seem to say that enough. I mean, they are just perfect and from such a small beginning. Mimi and Nana were here to celebrate with us and we just kept it simple and small with just the six of us (remember, it is still RSV season). We ordered pizza, ate cake, and opened presents and everyone had a blast! It was truly a special, special day. The girls enjoyed ripping into their presents and found it very important to keep the place tidy (lucky me) as they would insist on picking up every little scrap of wrapping paper and giving it to one of us to throw away before they would even think about moving on to the next gift.
With each new day the girls develop their own little personalities more and more.
Presley is my shy, timid one until she gets to know you and then she can quickly boss you around. She loves splashing in the bath and getting piggy back rides from Daddy. She weighs in at 18 lbs and is 29 inches tall. My little petite thing. She has got the sweetest dimples and her big brown eyes make it hard to say no to sometimes. She loves Minnie Mouse and her favorite animal still seems to be the penguin. She loves wearing her boots--even in the house and will cry if you try to take them off or put them away. She hates wearing pants so she often stays in dresses and will always smile for a picture.
Kourtney is my energetic one and loves dancing--to anything whether it be you singing or a quick commercial. She loves to talk and sing as well and I wish I knew what she was trying to tell me. I think I would love her stories and I think she has got a wild imagination and I can't wait to hear it soon--in english I mean. She loves wearing hats and playing dress up and will try a variety of foods. She loves her boots as well and when you try to tell her that they are on the wrong feet, she will often get mad and insist she wear them on the wrong feet. Whenever she hears the Spongebob Squarepants theme song she will yell "Bob!" as loud as she can and then continue to dance to the theme song.
I took some pictures here at home before they turned two to send out to family members and thought that I would share them on here too. Their birthday party pics follow. Their outfits were custom designed by me and tailored by a boutique called Bootleg Lace. She wanted to use that new pattern and add it to her shop and since the girls' birthday was coming up, she let me pick the fabric! Their headbands are also a modeling job from a boutique called Southern Princess and she allowed me to do the same thing and pick the colors.




Saying bye to Nana: