Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Day at Golden Gate Park

Mimi is here for the girl's birthday! We've been having all sorts of fun out and about (all outdoors to avoid people and their cold and flu viruses) and we've all been having a blast! Presley and Kourtney recognized her right away and ran up to her and hugged her and gave her tons of smooches. We decided that we would spend a day at Golden Gate Park yesterday since it is just us four until tomorrow when Daddy and Nana fly in. Daddy has been in Texas for Grandmama's funeral. I am sooooo excited that both Grandma's are going to be here for the girls' 2nd birthday! 8 days in counting--although I am definitely not rushing things along--2 already? Seriously? Anyway, we headed out to Golden Gate one morning and visited the tulip garden, Stow Lake, and just walked around the golf course and everything there was near or around it. The girls loved being able to run free and the although it was quite cold, they didn't seem to mind. Good thing that I had their fleece fox hats in the car to keep their little heads warm. I love how these pictures turned out because they look like little foxes in the woods although it was never my intention, those were just the hats that happened to be in the car. The girls had a blast looking around at all the trees and birds, and the ducks by the lake. They were pointing at everything and trying to imitate their sounds. We fed them lunch there and walked around the lake and waterfall for a bit before heading home and I so want to repeat that whole day again soon. Perfect day with my Mommy and my littles.

Tulip Garden


Kiss break!

Stow Lake

Your beautiful Mimi

Kissies for Momma

Where are the ducks?

Look Presley, ducks!


On your mark, get set, GO!

Racing Mimi

Nothing like a good book for the ride home

Making an important phone call on the way home

Stow Lake


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