Sunday, February 17, 2013

First Carousel Ride

After learning that the carousel at Golden Gate Park was closed, Nana, Mimi, and I decided that since there was one at Pier 39 that we would take the girls to that one the next day. It just never gets old for me. I know Pier 39 is suppose to be a touristy place but it just is so very beautiful! I never get old at looking at the water, Alcatraz, the sea lions, and just the marina, and of course Golden Gate bridge. I mean, afterall, we are only here for so long, so I think I will give myself a pass to still do the touristy things even though I have been a resident here for almost 4 years now! The girls loved the carousel ride. I went ahead of them to sanitize it of course! Kourtney loved it and was brave enough to ride on the horse and she couldn't stop smiling as we went around and around.....Presley liked the ride but preferred to be held instead of riding on the horse. I actually think it was a little too fast for her. She would sit on it when we would first start going but then as we would go faster and faster she would want to be held...still smiling and laughing, just didn't want to sit on the horse. I guess we should've tried the teacup or the carriage for our 2nd time riding it. Oh well I am sure I can convince Daddy to take us again so he can see his little girls face light up when riding it.


Some iPhone pictures:

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