Thursday, February 21, 2013

Backtracking to Valentines Day...

It just occurred to me that I totally forgot to post about Valentine's Day this year! Valentine's Day was extra special this year since Mimi and Nana were in town and although we had to go all the way to Oakland to get Synagis shots in the morning, it was still a really fun day. The night before Mimi, Nana, and I baked cupcakes and set up the girls table with some Valentine's Day goodies that I had bought them and that Grandpa had sent them. I found these $1 tin mailboxes at Target and decorated them with some heart stickers that I had laying around. I filled them with some sunglasses, bracelets, and some lip gloss for my little P & K. They also had these giant lollipops from Grandpa, a stuffed owl, lion, and elephant, and Daddy even bought them chocolates!
I did something special this year and made the grandparents and great grandparents a little Valentine's Day suprise. I got the kit from Oriental Trading and traced P & K's little hands onto the foam, cut them out, added their picture, frame, the poem, and stickers and mailed them out. Everyone was thrilled of course and I hope they have another kit like this next year so that I can do it again and again as their little hands get bigger and bigger.
After Synagis, we dropped the girls off with Mimi and Nana and took off for a Valentine's Day date with just me and Daddy. It had been two years since our last date! We went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and then walked alongside the San Francisco Bay which is directly behind the restaurant. It was such a great day. I also wanted to share the Valentine's Day pictures that I took of them a while back so that I could make the suprises in the picture above. I think they turned out pretty good for having to do them myself and because well, they are full on toddlers now and they do. not. sit. still. Haha!

View from our table at Elephant Bar

February 14, 2013


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