Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Lately

It has been TOO LONG since I have posted! Writer's block I guess? Anyhow, to catch everyone up here is what we have been up to these past few weeks....
Working on: Too many projects to name!
(1).  Fall is when I do my Spring Cleaning. I have always done it this way as a preperation for family and friends during Christmas. This way, the house looks amazing during the holidays. We had/have way too much clutter and I am getting rid of things that we no longer use or need any longer. There is still a lot to do but my to-do list is getting shorter and shorter by the day.
(2). My best friend, which we refer to as Aunt Kaytie to the girls, is expecting another little boy the beginning of December so I made him a cute little blanket and a couple of onesies to send to him. I hope baby Conner loves them!
(3). My job--or jobs now. I took another job offer and while it isn't a lot of work and pays good for what little I do, as with any new job it does take a while to get into the swing of things. For those that don't know, I ghost write (and also do some guest writing) for Speech Tails. Speech Tails is a pediatric online speech therapy program. It is amazing and the girls will probably be using it in the near future just to help with their vocabulary and to help with the twin talk. I write medical articles for them about different topics relating to speech therapy and speech disorders in children. The job I just got is for a money saving blog, Under construction right now but my job will be to inspire people in different ways on how to save money and budget well.

(4). Making the girls' Halloween costumes.
(5). Myself! I recently started working out and spending a little more time on myself like eating healthy. It is hard to do with two toddlers tugging on your pant legs all day but I am making it work and I already feel fabulous!
Amazed by: How grown up my babies are getting! Presley's hair is now long enough to put into pigtails and she just looks so much like a toddler now with them. I guess we will just have to invest in some really pretty headbands for Kourtney as she is nowhere near ready for little pigtails! I am just so amazed at how they look so much like little toddlers now and how they went from being my little 1 lb babies to little people running around with their own little personalities.

Enjoying: The leaves turning on the trees and all the beautiful colors that fall brings. Here are pictures of our street that is lined with these big trees that just turn the prettiest mix of yellow, orange, and red in the fall.

Could do without: All the tantrums! The girls are fast approaching the terrible twos and it is showing. The tantrums are getting to be more and more an everyday occurance as well as multiple times a day. Presley is the instigator and loves to hit Kourtney in the head with toys (especially her spatula from her play kitchen) and Kourtney just sits and cries doing nothing about it. I have always heard that one twin is always the leader and as if it wasn't clear before she was even born that Presley was the leader by wanting to come out 4 months before her due date, it definitely is now. She decides how they play, what they play with, and makes all the decisions and if she doesn't get her way then I get full on tantrums of screaming, kicking, hitting, and throwing herself on the ground. Kourtney does this too but it isn't quite so bad.

Loving: Being able to spend all day everyday with my sweet girls. Of course they thrown tantrums and some days are downright a challenge to say the least, they do have their sweet moments and most days get along. They kiss each other everyday without me even prompting them to do it and I absolutely love that. Of course Mommy and Daddy get lots of kisses too! We play all day long with balloons, in their playhouse, on the slide, bubbles, their kitchen, you name it! I absolutely love being their Mommy. <3

What's New? Well the sleeping arrangements have changed and Kourtney is now fully transitioned to her crib in their room (yay!) She was definitely ready and although she still wakes up some at night probably because she is still getting used to it herself, she falls back to sleep easily once she sees that I can be there in 2 seconds if she needs me to be. Presley, however, is still in our bed and that is going to change here soon too starting probably this weekend. We will start by laying her down in the cosleeper that Kourtney just moved out of and it will still be in our room. We are doing it this way because it is almost RSV season and we all know what can happen with her narrow airway so we need to make sure she is close by.

What I need to do: We are still doing the whole modeling thing and I really need to upload a huge photo dump of all the pictures soon!

Excited about: Halloween! We are going to a Halloween carnival here in our little town and I am so excited! The girls are going to be superheroes! This will be their first Trick-or-Treating experience!


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