Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 7: Playing in the Bath

I still bathe the girls in the sink in their bath seat because things get realllllllly crazy in the bathtub with twins. They try to run around and they splash each other in the face with water, and then one gets mad and starts crying: yeah it's craziness 24/7 around here. So instead of risking a heart attack everytime bath time rolls around when I get scared to death that they will slip and hit their head, I decide to just use the sink for as long as I can while they are still little. They love filling cups up with water and then dumping it out, and they can even wash the shampoo out of their hair by themselves now by pouring water on their little heads. They always cry if you try to take them out of the bath without a bath toy so we always let them take the bath toy out to play with while they are getting dressed.

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