Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 3: Reading Their Favorite Book

Day 3 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge: Photograph Your Kids is reading their favorite book. The girls have just really gotten into books lately. They use to just eat them haha! They don't have very many books but the ones they have are great. Their favorite book is one that their therapist suggested back when they use to receive twice weekly therapy (they found no reason to continue therapy because the girls were/are doing great so they don't receieve it anymore). It is called First 100 Words by Bright Baby. I love this book and so do the girls! It is just full of words and pictures in a grid style. The colors are bright and the pictures are super cute also so it is my favorite too! Presley's favorite thing to do is to point out the baby on each page and she smiles really big as she points them out and as you tell her what a great job she has done. So sweet. Kourtney's favorite thing to do is to turn the pages even when we aren't finished with that page. There are a lot of fights about this because Presley doesn't appreciate it too much!

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