Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 5: Favorite Toy

I struggled with this one because the girls have a lot of toys that they can't get enough of. Just so happens that their first Cabbage Patch dolls came in the mail today from their Great Grandma and those are currently their favorites at the moment. I loved Cabbage Patch dolls when I was little and my first doll was one named Abby. I still remember her and everything about her. She had brown hair in pig tails and brown eyes. I use to take her everywhere with me and my mom had to patch her arms so many times from me dragging her around so much. She went everywhere with me until she just had to go as she was so old and loved and had been taken swimming and drug through the dirt so many times that she was literally falling apart. When they came in the mail I got so teary eyed because it reminded me of how much I loved them when I was little and how much I still do. I forgot that they smelled like baby powder and how much I missed that smell and I finally snapped out of it when the girls were screaming their little heads off waiting impatiently to get ahold of them. I named them Harper (Presley's) and Kinsley (Kourtneys) because those were names I wanted to name the girls but Travis disagreed with. Their birthdates are June 7th because that's the day the girls came home from the hospital. They come complete with birth certificates and everything! I chose them frpm the over 1,000 dolls on the internet and chose the blonde haired one for K and the brown haired one for P but they seem to like the opposite so I will just go with it. :) I hope they see as much love as my little Abby did. For the past two days they have loved on these dolls more than their other ones that they have. They cuddle them and try to put their shoes on themselves. They feed them and even hand them off to Travis so that he can cuddle them and kiss them too. Melts my heart! Other close favorites are their penguins and zoo animals! OH and cannot forget about Minnie Mouse!!!


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