Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5 will have to wait

Well today, Day 5, is suppose to be of the girls with their favorite toy. But we ended up in the ER instead. I had just got the girls up from their nap and was going to change their diapers. I called to Presley and she was grouchy and didn't want her diaper changed and was throwing a temper tantrum on the floor so I let her do her thing and called for Kourtney. Kourtney backed away from me and ended up stumping on Presley who she didn't see behind her. I immediately knew something was wrong because Presley was holding her left hand and crying hysterically. She didn't even want I've cream and I noticed she wouldn't hold anything with that hand and would cry when I would mess with it. I waited for Travis to get home and headed down to the hospital just down the street. They took X Rays and as they were doing the second X Ray the tech said he felt a click in her wrist. The doctor examined the first X Ray and compared it to the second one and noticed that it had been slighty dislocated! After the X Ray she was happy as can be and picking stuff up with that hand and everything! Thank goodness it wasn't serious and I'm so happy to have my healthy baby back!!!
When we first arrived
Poor baby
After the X Rays
Going home! :)

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