Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1 Year Eye Checkup

The girls had their 1 year eye checkup this past week and all was "PERFECT" Dr. Good said! In case you don't remember, Presley had ROP, which stands for Retinopathy of Prematurity. ROP is very serious as it can cause blindness. Stevie Wonder was born premature and suffered from ROP which is why he is blind today. Well, that was many years ago and now technology is amazing because there is now a laser surgery that can help to save these little one's vision that they would have lost. Presley did not need the laser surgery but she came very close to needing it.So because of this, Dr. Good continues to check their eyes every year starting at this young of age because the oxygen they were on for so long does damage the eyes and prematurity alone can cause some eye damage. You can read more about Presley's ROP here. SO we got their eyes checked and the Dr. Good said they were PERFECT! He said he was so amazed by our girls and that it just goes to show him that you never know just what the human body is capable of. To be able to correct itself after damage and to restore itself is unbelieveable in these little ones. Thank you God! After we walked out we let the girls walk on this little ledge by some trees and I happened to snap a few pictures. Oh and just thought I would throw in that Presley's new trick is to pick her nose! Ugh! Daddy insisted that I put a picture on here to embarass her when she gets older! Haha!

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