Friday, August 10, 2012

Pool Day

Today we went to the Burlingame Aquatic Center to take the girls in the pool. They LOVE water (must be in the genes because Travis and I love to swim and be in the water/ocean). I have more pictures of them splashing in the pool from when we went to Great America on Coast Guard Day but since those were taken from a waterproof camera it had to be sent off to develop so I will post those as soon as they come in. Kourtney is definitely the splasher and was splashing and laughing the whole time. Presley was kicking her little legs as fast as she could and was laughing and smiling the entire time! They were so cute! I love to see their little faces light up. I wish I had gotten more pictures but I didn't want to get the iPhone wet. They are exhausted and napping now and I'm thinking that I am about to go join them. ;)

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