Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mommy and Me Days

I have read that since twins are always around each other, that sometimes it is just best for them to get individualized attention and to spend some time away from their sibling. So I have been trying to do this more and more and have been alternating who gets to go with me somewhere just to try and get in some Mommy and Me time and the other gets Daddy and Me time. We don't do anything exciting, mainly run errands but it's exciting for them to get out and do new stuff and I get to pay attention to them on a one on one basis instead of them both competing for my attention. They do miss each other though and they will look over to the other side of the car when I put them in their car seats looking for their sister so that is really cute and tells me they do actually enjoy each other's company, even if it does mean sharing my attention. They love shopping carts and will make a giddy up motion when I stop to grab something and of course they attract a lot of attention from old ladies saying how cute they are. It is really easy with just one baby to look after for the day when you are used to two! Kourtney is my on the move baby and I always say she has ants in her pants since she cannot sit still and it is a little bit more hectic with her while out and about since she wants to run but as long as you bring cookies and don't stay in one stop too long and keep the cart moving she does well. Presley loves to give random people what we call the "stink face" and it is hilarious-regardless of what other people think! Haha! She also likes to yell at people as we pass by them down the aisles if they aren't paying attention to her. Always the drama queen.

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