Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We found out this past Saturday that Presley has ROP. ROP stands for Retinopathy of Prematurity and is common in small preemies. There are different stages and zones and Presley has Stage 2 Zone 2 which means that it is moderate and it is affecting her peripheral vision. The Dr. is saying this is not too bad as it isn't at Stage 3 yet (which requires surgery) and that it is in Zone 2 which is not at the center of the eye. But, we won't know until Friday if she needs the laser surgery to correct it. Left untreated the retina can detach and would cause blindness. We of course are terrified of that happening but the Dr. has assured us that if she needs the surgery, it would be best to prevent vision loss, and that she would probably just need glasses when she gets ready to attend school which it isn't proven what part is hereditary (I wear glasses) and what part is from the surgery. I really hope it regresses and that she doesn't need the laser procedure but if she does we most certainly are going to go through with it. Kourtney's eyes are still immature to know what is going on with them but the blood vessels are already in Zone 2 so at least they aren't in Zone 1 (that is very bad).

Presley is currently on 38mL of milk and on 3 liters of oxygen and is doing great in the low 30's and is hardly having any brady's or de-sats which is great as it shows her lungs are maturing. Once she gets to 1 liter of oxygen then she can go to room air oxygen and be on the low flow cannula. Kourtney is doing good once they put her on some diuretics. She was having a lot of de-sats but once they gave her some Lasix she is great and no more de-sats or bradys. She is taking 40mL of milk and as of yesterday was 4 lbs 12 oz.! Presley is close behind at 4 lbs 8 oz.

They both are drinking 40% of their feeds from a bottle and Presley does a little bit better at this than Kourtney. Kourtney likes to chug it down and not take any breaks breathing so we have to make her take breaks! Since they usually go home around their due date I have started a countdown....38 more days....

I got some gifts in the mail today and I love them! One is a Scentsy burner for the girls that has scenes from the nursery rhyme "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and some Newborn Nursery Scentsy bars that smell like baby powder! This will be great to cover up those poopy diaper smells! Thank you Grandma Doni! I also got a gift from my Pregnancy.org June Bloom group girls and it is a silver "Peas in A Pod" necklace and has 2 pearls inside of it. I absolutely love it and I feel so loved that these girls thought of me and have been so supportive throughout this whole ordeal!

 Here are some pictures and videos of this past week:

Presley in her open crib


Presley saying no pictures Daddy!

Kourtney bottle feeding

My gift from my Pregnancy.org friends!

Gift from Grandma Doni


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