Saturday, April 30, 2011


Kourtney has been having little episodes lately where she completely stops breathing and they have to bag her to give her extra breaths and they even had to do some chest compressions one time. They have no idea what happened. The second time it happened, luckily the nurse and the Respiratory Therapist were right there and they saw what happened: she was bearing down to poop and she quit breathing to strain and turned all blue and had to be masked again. So they decided to turn her liter of flow back up to 4. So it is a step backwards :(   We also talked to the pulmonary Dr. and she thinks that they will be going home on oxygen in about 5-6 weeks. The eye Dr. also came and he said that Presley's ROP is progressing really slow and that there is a 75% chance that she will grow out of it and not need the surgery! If she does though, there is a 92% success rate and that she will need glasses. So both good news and bad news this week. Kourtney is now 5 lbs and Presley is catching up quick at 4 lbs 14 oz! They are eating more and more from their bottle so at least that is progressing. Here are some cute videos I took this week of Kourtney since I posted quite a few of Presley last time. I love the one where she smiles for Mimi (Grandma). 

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