Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mommy Got to Finally Hold Presley!

Presley was finally able to stay on the SiPap for more than a couple of hours and is doing great on it. This is her 4th attempt and she has been off the ventilator since April 1st. She's even on lower oxygen settings than her sister! Silly girl! On April 5th I finally got to hold her! I waited a long 46 days for this. It was great and she loved it. She kept on looking up at me and it was so sweet. She even started sucking her thumb and it was so cute! Then I started tickling her and found out she is very ticklish.Kourtney is doing well and today, April 6, 2011 she graduated to a high flow nasal cannula and it was great to finally be able to see her little face again. Presley is 2 lbs 13oz now and Kourtney is 2 lbs 15oz. They also started wearing clothes today! Here are some pictures from this past week and also a video of me tickling Presley.

Presley on the SiPap

Presley sucking on her thumb
Daddy, Mommy, & Presley

Mommy holding Presley
Kourtney on her nasal cannula

Mommy and Kourtney

Mommy, Kourtney, and her favorite nurse Kathy

Kourtney and her  new sunglasses for summer

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  1. I love it!!! Congrats on getting to hold Presley. And congrats on the other milestones too.