Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a Fun Weekend!

We have been going to the park by our house a lot lately (Cuernavaca Park in Burlingame) since the weather has been beautiful lately. I bring the girls a lot now--just about everyday. We had a great weekend there so I thought I would post some pictures of it. I love this park because not only does it have an awesome view of the San Francisco Bay, but it is secluded and not a lot of people go there as there aren't a lot of kids that live around here. It also has a huge lawn for picnicing and for running. I love that the playground has some cool features that I haven't seen in most playgrounds like a spinning mushroom thing, rock climbing, and spinning monkey bars. Of course, Travis and I being kids at heart, had to try these out and we had a blast! Here are some pictures:

Daddy on the spinning mushroom

Me going down the slide

And this is what happens when it's time for Kourtney to leave the park. Haha! There's always tomorrow baby girl!

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