Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Welcome Blog Party Participants!

 I was recently invited to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party that is going on right now and thought it would be really fun to do and a great way to meet other mommies that blog. This website just recently went "public" though it has been around since March 2011. It had been for friends and family exclusively at first as a way for them to get updates of our little girls as we were so busy but now I feel more comfortable sharing our story and letting people follow our journey.
So I'll introuduce myself and our blog:

I am Ashlee and the proud mother to twin girls, Presley and Kourtney. Our girls were born at only 25 weeks gestation, 4 months premature) and weighed only a little over a pound each. It was both the scariest and most amazing thing that has ever happened to us. My husband is in Aviation in the Coast Guard and we are currently stationed in San Francisco, CA but are true Texans at heart. We are going to be celebrating our 5th anniversay in July and I can honestly say that we have grown a lot closer through this journey. The blog was started as a way to keep friends and family up to date about the girls as we were under such emotional stress that it was hard to even find time to eat. Sometimes I feel like their whole NICU stay was a blur (110 days) so it is really nice to look back on my posts and to also just remind myself of how far they have come. The site used to be private as I was scared that my story would have a sad ending like many other premature babies' stories are but luckily here we are! Hope you enjoy our blog and our story!


  1. What beautiful girls you have! Stopping by from the UBP!

  2. So happy for you that your little ones are doing so much better. Our youngest daughter was in the NICU for a time and it was frightening. I can't imagine 110 days! Wow!

    Hope you have a great week partying and meet some fun people! Stop by and say hi when you get some time. :)

  3. Your girls are so sweet! Thanks for sharing and opening up your blog! I could only imagine how scary that could be! It's nice to have an outlet to share and get a little extra strength from other mommies!

  4. Your little girls are adorable! I can't imagine...110 days in NICU! Thank you for opening it up for us to share in your journey!

    I'm looking forward to reading more as a new follower:)

  5. I couldn't imagine having to spend 110 days in the NICU that must have been such a struggle. They are just adorable little girls, clearly strong willed little troopers! Happy to see you've let the world in, blogging publicly is an incredible experience!

    happy to be a new follower via UBP!

  6. Hello,
    I have a student who is creating a book trailer for the middle grades novel Runaway Twin. It is about two girls who are separated at birth. She would like to use your image in her video. May we have permission to use it? Thank you for your consideration.

    Lisa Stringfellow