Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our Second Easter!

Today is Presley and Kourtney's second Easter! We really celebrated Easter yesterday since Travis was home (he has 24 hour duty today). Yesterday we had a little Easter egg hunt in the front yard and the weather was absolutely perfect! It was a "warm" 65.As I was gathering the camera and a blanket up to take downstairs, the girls got into a fight. Earlier in the day, Kourtney had pushed Presley down and decided that she was going to stand on her. So she did. Poor Presley had imprints from the play mat on her face. I warned Kourtney that Presley would get her back one day. And Presley sure did. A couple of minutes after setting them down in their Easter outfit, Presley grabbed Kourtney's headband and snapped it right on her head! It is elastic so I am sure that it didn't feel good! Haha! Let's just say that if they were a little older, maybe they wouldn't have been going outside to Easter egg hunt and would have been in time out instead. Haha!! Here they are looking really innocent right before the fight:

After we got Kourtney settled down, we headed downstairs where we laid a blanket out and just hung out for a while in the nice warm sun The blanket we used was actually Travis' baby blanket so that was kind of sweet to use. We played with the girls for a while with all their Easter goodies and the plastic eggs were of course the biggest hit!

We also made glittered tie dye eggs which of course the girls couldn't help with because that would have been a big mess! I look forward to when they are a little bit older and can help with Easter crafts because I have a whole lot of things in mind that I would love to do with them! Of course, I am not rushing time along as I am perfectly content with them staying my little babies for as long as I can.

This past week we also got some professional Easter/Spring pictures of the girls done by Jennifer Dickey and they came out so cute! I am never disappointed with the pictures she takes of the girls ever and just when I think she cannot do any better she does! I will put up all of the pictures in another post but here is what I have so far:

I also wanted to take a minute and post a before and after of where we were exactly a year ago today. I count my blessings everyday. Thank you God for allowing my girls to thrive. Here are the girls on their First Easter where they were 4 weeks old (29 weeks gestation) with their first bunnies, Cupcake and Hopscotch):

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