Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It has been awhile since I last updated and now that things have finally calmed down and I am caught up with my workload that piled on me, I am able to update and do a little photo dump as well. The girls caught a little cold and while it wasn't a big deal for Kourtney, Presley took it the hardest and it developed into pneumonia. This was obviously not good news when you add the Chronic Lung Disease into the picture and throw bronciolitis on top of it either. We made 5 trips to the doctor and an emergency room visit and they all told us that everything would be ok and prescribed her antibiotics and of course the normal breathing treatments. Her lungs actually did really well but my poor Presley was just too tired that she refused to eat and that sent us to the emergency room again and they finally admitted her because she was just so dehydrated. We stayed there for 3 days and it wasn't terribly bad other than Presley did not let us put her down for one second! She slept on us all day and Travis and I even had to carry her into the bathroom with us because she was just so scared and did not like it there. I was also sick with strep throat and had a very hard time eating as well so we watched movies, Kourtney and Daddy came to visit everyday, and the Child Life Services brought toys and cars to ride in and play with and even gave us teddy bears, pillowcases, and a stuffed kangeroo! I was very worried about her because I had never seen her so lifeless in my life but she needed her rest and she is definitely back to her old self now! Now, we are struggling to catch up with holiday preperations and although I am pretty bummed that no other family will be spending it with us, we are going to make the most of it and are going to be doing lots of little fun activities in the upcoming days! But for now, it is time to clean and get the house back in order, catch up on my workload, and wrap presents! More pictures coming soon!

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  1. oh my goodness, poor baby. :( just when mine was getting over a cold from our trip to virginia, she developed another one on the plane to africa. she's not doing well either so i'm paranoid about this. my mom called me two days ago and said she also has pnemonia right now. scary stuff.