Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Videos

Thought I would update a little bit with some videos of what has been going on here in the Swain household. The girls are teething again and Presley is breaking THREE at once making her toother total to seven now! She is up multiple times a night and ends up in the bed with us making it hard for me to get any rest lately. Kourtney is cutting one tooth also bringing her total up to six. So she has been fussy as well and exhausted! I also got a big assignment at work so that is keeping me busy as well. The girls are learning things new everyday and I cannot wait to keep up with the blog more once this assignment is done. Presley and Kourtney now know and understand the word NO and will stop doing whatever they are not suppose to and also shake their head from side to side. It is awfully cute when they do it with a big ole smile on their face. Almost wants to make you give in. ALMOST. Haha! Presley also knows how to wave bye bye and Kourtney is starting to get the hang of it as well. They also know how to give kisses and for some reason Kourtney always gives Daddy kisses on his nose! I always ask for kisses and they always kiss me right away and I am trying to enjoy it for as long as I can as I have heard that eventually they get too embarrassed to kiss their Mommy! Presley is non stop walking now and will walk-or--RUN everywhere and anywhere now and Kourtney will take a few steps and is slower and realizes that she can get their faster by just crawling. The girls fight sometimes and I would definitely say that Presley is the meanie. See the video below for yourself! I usually have to break them up from a fight but for the most part they love to play together and it is so sweet to see them interact with each other. They even give each other kisses! I will try to get a picture and a video of this this week. Presley is no longer failure to thrive and weighs in at a few ounces shy of 15 lbs and Kourtney is 16 1/2 lbs. They are now 1 year adjusted and of course this is still on the small side and nowhere near being near the growth chart but our GI doctor is using a BMI chart instead and they are doing very well on that as far as being proportionate. Here are some videos over the past week:

Video of Presley waving bye-bye: A fight caught in action! See what I mean about Presley being a meanie?

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  1. oh man, that last vid is too funny. and awww i can't wait to get kisses!