Saturday, June 9, 2012

All About Kourtney

Kourtney is so easy going and laid back like her Daddy that I sometimes feel like with Presley's temper tantrums she hogs all of the attention. I always try and get extra cuddle time with Kourtney and extra play time since she doesn't take as long as a nap than Presley does. She loves to watch TV and while she loves the Disney channel and Mickey Mouse, Bubble Guppies, and SpongeBob, she also likes to watch Baby's First TV channel and I like that she watches that because it is really educational. I love that she goes and pulls down a pillow off of the couch and lays on it and kicks her legs back and forth totally tuned in to whatever is on the TV. Here are some videos of my little Kourtney. Working out with Daddy doing pull ups: Watching Baby's First TV:

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