Saturday, June 23, 2012

Last Day of Fun With Nana and Great Grandmama

Nana and Great Grandmama left back to Texas today and we were all very sad to see them go as we had so much fun with them visiting us here. We get pretty lonely in California sometimes since going back to Texas for visits aren't really an option right now . The girls' lungs are just not strong enough to handle the high altitude of a plane ride and while we could get an altitude test to tell us how they would handle a plane ride, and possible carry oxygen tanks on board just in case they needed it, I don't feel comfortable with doing that. I would much rather wait until they are much older and I am confident that no type of emergency will happen. So until then, we reply on family to visit us. We went to the park and let the girls run around and get all tired out before naptime and then we said our goodbyes and Travis took them to the airport. On the bright side, we are now on a countdown until Mimi comes to visit in 18 days! See ya soon Mimi!

Doing the stink face! Hehe! :)


  1. They are so beautiful, and have gotten so big! I think about you often, my fellow buddy. ((hugs))

    1. Danielle!!!! I am so glad you follow us! Thank you for the sweet comment. They are so big now and have come so far! How are you're littles? Please find me on Facebook!!! I want to see pics! Ashlee Vick Swain or the email I used was