Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meeting Great Grandmama

The girls met their Great Grandmama today, Audrey, and this is the great grandmother from their Daddy's side of the family. The girls immediately came up to her and wanted hugs and to be held. Usually they are scared of other people but I think her calm disposition made them feel at ease right away. We went for a picnic in the park and of course played on the slides and the swings. Presley actually took a hold of Great Grandmama's hand and was leading her around like as if to say, "Come on Great Grandmama, I know my way around here, let me show you around". It was so cute! After the picnic, it was time for a nap and we all stayed home the rest of the day and played and talked. We did go out in front of the house for some pictures of the three generations. We have big plans for the beach tomorrow in Half Moon Bay so I am hoping we will get some more great pictures and memories tomorrow. But for now, here are some pictures from our day:


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