Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Trip to the Zoo!

The ocean in the background! Love it!

Since Daddy has been working really hard at work with a lot of overnight duty days lately, he finally got some time off and a 4 day weekend. And since it has been warmer and really nice out, about 70-76 degrees, we decided that today would be a great day for your first zoo trip! We always try to go to every zoo wherever we are stationed, and while I thought this one was far better than any of the other ones that I have been to, Travis thought that the Detroit Zoo still beat it. I guess the fact that this zoo is literally right across the street from the ocean and the fact that you smell salty sea air and feel the cool ocean breeze while in the zoo made it my favorite although Travis is right the the Detroit Zoo had way more animals and larger exibits. But location wise, this one wins! The San Francisco Zoo is also right next to the beautiful Lake Merced and I cannot wait to come back here and spend the day at the lake maybe to do a picnic or something!

Lake Merced

The girls before the zoo:

The girls absolutely LOVED the zoo and they loved pointing and talking to the animals! If you know me, it shouldn't be a suprise that we headed right to the giraffes first. They are my favorite animal!

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The girls loved getting out and about and they were just taking everything in and smiling away! They definitely loved the zoo!

Daddy leading us

Mommy as a giraffe!

Daddy and Presley

Bright outside!

Kourtney and Daddy

Extra lion cubs :)

This gorilla looks as stubborn as Grandpa! Haha!

Almost ready for a nap

Daddy and the girls with their favorite animal: the penguin!

The girls started to get cranky and Daddy was to so we stopped at the Terrace Cafe and ate some cheeseburgers and Golden Gate garlic fries-YUM! Then the girls had a bottle and fell asleep so Daddy and Mommy had some alone time and took in the beautiful scenery! 

Eating lunch

Stink face!

Where we at after lunch

The train


  1. Looks like an amazing day! If you ever get the chance go to the San Diego zoo, soooo amazing!

  2. So gorgeous there! I can't imagine spending the day at such a beautiful zoo :) Love the pictures!!!