Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was so much fun this year--even more than last year! The girls are the perfect age now to really "get" Halloween and what it is about. Travis insisted that they be pirates this year and so pirates they were! Next year I think they'll be something a little cuter--maybe a kitty cat perhaps? Haven't gotten that far yet. We took them to McDonald's for a Happy Meal before Trick or Treating down Taylor Street which is downtown in our little old town of Millbrae. Taylor Street is so beautiful and is lined with these beautiful, huge houses and the street has these trees that line it and cover it and it looks so so beautiful during the day--so beautiful that I often go up the hill to our house down this street since it is much prettier than any other way. Anyway, nearly every house on this street participates on Halloween and they deck their houses out and pass out candy and everyone that lives in Millbrae (probably other areas too) come out to go Trick or Treating here. Kind of made me sad that this will be our last Halloween to go Trick or Treating here.

The girls had a blast though and Kourtney would run up to each house and say "Yo Ho Ho! Trick or Treat!" and as she would put the candy in her bucket, would say "Thank yooooooou!" in the sweetest little voice. It was the cutest thing! They also enjoyed seeing all of their favorite characters running around and would yell when they saw a Minnie Mouse. There was only one Doc McStuffins and Kourtney wouldn't quit tugging at me until I let her run back after her so that she could say hi. Hehe. The girls made off pretty good with some very full buckets at the end of the night and we all had so much fun.

After the girls went to bed, I decided that since it had een such a long night for me two days in a row (sewing their costumes and then Trick or Treating) that I would take a nice long bath. I peeked my head into the girls' room and saw that Kourtney was asleep so I took my bath. When I got out though, Kourtney was sitting on the sofa, Halloween bucket beside her, empty wrapper of a Milky Way candy, and 3 different lollipops open and taking turns trying out each one. I couldn't possibly be mad but she sure tricked me didn't she? Hehe.


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