Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 31st Birthday Daddy!

Sunday was Travis' 31st birthday and although we didn't do much we still had a lot of fun! We started the day with going to Toys R Us to see about what kind of tricycles or bicycles to get the girls for Christmas. Well, this is what Travis said we went there for, I beg to differ. I think he just wanted to play with all the toys which we both did and had a blast doing. The girls rode around on all different types of bikes but I think they liked the scooters more. We plan to get them bicycles this Christmas since we are going to be transferring soon and our plan is to load them up in the back of the truck as we move cross country (all of the places we put on our dream sheet are cross country so that's where we are assuming we are going) and them unload them when we see a park or somewhere the girls can ride them at to blow off some energy and stretch their little legs from the long trip. We also have been looking into getting them those little battery powered cars like a mini cooper or something but that will have to wait until we get to our new station since San Francisco living doesn't really allow for that type of stuff with all the hills and no backyards and such. After Toys R Us, we picked up some BBQ from the place next door and brought it home to eat and rested for a while. Then we had cake--Daddy said he wanted chocolate on chocolate so I got him a triple chocolate brownie cake. The girls loved this cake more than they liked mine. I guess they are chocolate lovers like their Daddy. The girls actually blew out all of his candles for him--all 31 of them--and they had so much fun doing so that I actually relit them a second time just so that they could blow them out again. So fun. I actually got Travis his birthday present 2 weeks ago which was a GoPro camera. I will make a separate post so that you can see these. It is awesome and he has been enjoying taking videos of San Francisco with it when he flies around in the helicopter. Here are some pictures from our day.


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