Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July Ya'll!

Watching fireworks over the San Francisco Bay from our apartment
So I know that I have been promising pictures of our recent vacation and I promise I will get to it soon but things are busy here....crazy busy. Presley was recently hospitalized for a week because of some virus she caught (they never really pinpointed where the virus was) and because she wouldn't eat or drink--no symptoms ever showed up, just fever. I realize it's something that we could've treated at home but when she wouldn't drink or eat anything all day and the fevers continued to get crazy high at 103.5 and up the pediatrician decided it was best for us to be there. As soon as the fevers broke she did take a couple of days to start eating and drinking again and then we were sent home. Although we all expected for little summer illness to occur since she hasn't been around many other kids in her life, we didn't for see it ending us up in the hospital. So glad that is over and done with so that we can continue on our summer adventures which is what has been taking up most of our time these days. The days have been long and hot for us here and it reminds me of Texas weather which is a nice change. The only difference is that in Texas there is actually AC and here there is not. So we are sweating it out here! It will be short lived though so we are trying to enjoy it as much as possible.
Fourth of July was pretty low key for us and all of our friends had already made plans so it was just us and some Texas BBQ and Coronas! We did take the girls to the park for a while and took some pictures of them wearing some dresses that I made them. I have opened up a little Etsy shop to sell them and to my surprise I am doing really well with it and have so far always had at least a couple of orders per week. I enjoy doing it although it is hard to try to fit in that many orders sewing during nap time and when the girls are asleep. I was also asked to write up a clothing pattern tutorial and that took a big chunk of time as well but I am thinking I might eventually head in that direction. Travis is currently holding onto spot #1 in hopes to advance and we are just praying that he gets it. That would be nice. The girls are talking up a storm nowadays and Kourtney is quite the chatterbox. She loves to grab my phone and say "Call Mimi" so that I will help her dial and then she will walk away talking to her Mimi when she answers. She says 3-4 word sentences now and of course my favorite is "I love you Mom". Presley is getting there but I would definitely say Kourtney is a little ahead when it comes to language. I am actually thinking of starting potty training this winter when it is RSV season again and we are stuck indoors (this will be the last year we have to stay inside during RSV season). We'll see how it goes but for now it's all about the summer FUN!!!! Here are some pictures from today..... I love you my littles!!!!





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