Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I think being a Mommy is one of the greatest gifts in life. There are just so many reasons why I love it so much and I thank God everyday for letting me experience it and I thank the girls everyday for being my little babies. They are perfect and I feel so beyond blessed to have them in my life.

There was a time when I thought that being a Mommy would be/could be taken away from me and I will never forget that feeling. I wanted it so badly yet I had no idea what being a mom was really about. I had an idea or a picture in my head of what it would be like but the reality of it surpasses all of those dreams of what it would be like. It's the most incredible feeling in the world to watch this little bean (or beans hehe) grow inside of you into these perfect little babies and then into toddlers that give you spontaneous kisses and hugs all day long. You get to be a kid again yourself and play with toys and play games all day long. No matter how bad of a day you've had, those smiles can quickly turn the day around. You get to teach these little people--half you half the love of your life everything that you know. You get to share all of life's secrets with them and in return, they teach you about yourself. You learn something everyday. You always have someone to talk to even if they don't understand you or can't hold a conversation yet. Getting to watch your child sleep so peacefully at the end of the day. Getting to kiss boo-boos and hold them as they cry. Motherhood is all of that. And much more.

Today was all about just being a Mommy. We went to the park and hung out for a while, played on the slide and in the sandbox, cuddled, watched TV--our usual. Travis suprised me with some of the best ribs that he has ever cooked and a Dooney and Burke purse and that was our day. Simple and special. Here are some pictures from today and I am working on a new post soon that will show what we have been up to this past month that I haven't blogged about (oops).

Daddy with his ribs

My new purse


 P & K racing......Ready, Set, GO! 


Here's a video of Presley and Kourtney going down the big slide! :)

And, a throwback because I love to look back and see where I was on the same exact day, years ago......
Mother's Day 2012 and 2011......


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