Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Golden Gate Bridge/Discovery Bay Museum

Last weekend we went to visit a little children's museum that we have been wanting to visit. It was right next to the Golden Gate bridge on the northern side of it so it was so, so beautiful and it happened to be a beautiful, clearn day so I actually got the clear, fog-free pictures of the Golden Gate bridge that I have always wanted. We even drove up to the highest point to get a great view of the city and just take in the view and I got some great, great pictures.

Discovery Bay Museum was great and was free for military! Yay! It was so worth it too. The whole museum was divided into little houses that were down a walkway. Each room had a different theme like the pond room that had a little frog themed playground complete with a little pond with lily pads for the kids to jump and play on, then there was the forest where you could crawl through a gopher hole, a pirate themed outdoor play area with ship wheels, sand sifting activities, brooms to sweep the deck, an abandoned ship where you could have a puppet show, construction work area to play with dump trucks, hard hats, etc, life sized bird nests to play in and huge spider webs to play on, I could go on and on....it was so neat. The girls LOVED it! They got along with other kids for the most part but they mainly played together. They especially loved the xylophones and the outdoor stream of water but it is hard to tell which was their favorite as they really had a blast doing everything. Kourtney is my little adventure seeker as everytime I looked away--even if only for a second--she was escaping into the wooded, forest area that surrounds the whole museum. She also loved the train room. She however, disliked the boat room when Daddy decided to climb aboard and similate rocky seas. Presley loved the construction worker area and had fun playing with the dumb trucks which of course makes Daddy happy to see that they like boy toys too. We had a nice picnic outside and played the rest of the day. I hope to come back here again as I loved how everything was set up and I loved their little themes--and of course the girls loved it. Here are some pictures from our trip as well as the pictures of the Golden Gate bridge.




This little boy was putting on a puppet show for them

Making music together

Looking for the birdies




Sweepin the deck!

Playing with dumb trucks with Daddy

Taking a walk in the forest area

Trying out a sea otter costume

View from the rooms at the museum!

Learning about waves

Choo-choo she says!



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