Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Is Here!

Lately we have just been trying to keep ourselves busy and trying not to get bored from staying indoors all the time. I have to admit it has had me pretty down lately not being able to socialize with many people and not being able to take the girls anywhere. Simple things that I wish I could do with the girls are just simple day to day things that most people don't think twice about but yet for us is a really big deal, like going to the grocery store. The flu and pneumonia are still around and so is RSV. The girls got their last Synagis shot 2 weeks ago and we asked the doctor when our summer begins and when we can start going out and about and go on playdates and stuff. She said May 1st and although that seems like forever from now, I know it is just the last stretch of this that is making it harder and that it really is just around the corner. The weather has been beautiful and I am dying to take the girls to a park where they can climb and touch everything in sight and play with other kids! We still go down to the local park but the play stations that other kids play with are off limits to us which leaves us with just a big feild to run on which I don't think the girls mind. Good thing we have a huge playhouse and a slide and tower on our patio so that they do still get some exercise even though they only have each other to play with. May 1st cannot get here soon enough and I have been planning our summer adventures and getting really excited about it. There's this huge aquarium that I have been wanting to go to, the Santa Cruz boardwalk is on there, and a lot of hidden gems here in the Bay Area that I can't wait to explore. Travis wants to go to see the huge redwoods and go to Napa Valley and I think those are going to be fun as well. We also want the girls to be able to play with other kids and so we can't wait for BBQs and playdates too. Come on May 1st!!!!
Today we all took a break and decided to enjoy the weather outside since it was an unusually warm day. I say "warm" but really that means mid 60's. Hah. We headed to Venice Beach and hung out for a couple of hours just enjoying being out of the house and taking a break. Things have been hectic with Travis' schedule since he is working on getting qualified for some things. The girls absolutely loved the beach and I am so glad because Travis and I are total beach bums. Although this beach is totally different than I am use to, it is still around water and that not only makes me feel at home here but also makes me feel safe somehow. The girls LOVED it! They were running and playing and were all smiles. I love that they love the beach as much as we do. Presley hates for her hands and feet to be dirty and so it was no suprise that she threw a fit about the sand. She wasn't like this a couple of months ago when we brought her to the beach so this must be a phase? We just kept her boots on and all was well. Kourtney loved walking up and down the beach with me and we took a little stroll while Daddy and Presley built sandcastles. The girls love birds and Kourtney loved watching and pointing at the seagulls today. They were getting pretty close to us because I think they wanted the girls' goldfish crackers. Haha! All in all it was a beautiful day and I cannot wait for May 1st to come so I can start documenting more of our adventures! But for now, some pictures!

Building sandcastles with Daddy

My beach babe

Love Presley's hands on her hips here.....hmmmmph! What should we build next Dad?

My beach babe

Presley throwing a fit because she has sand on her feet

Loves birdies

She sure does love her Daddy

Everything was all smiles until I asked her for one goldfish hahahaha!

Ok here ya go Momma, you can have a goldfish! Hehe....

Daddy <3

A picture to remember all those tiny little features I know I will miss.....

This one cracks me up for some reason....maybe because Kourtney's butt is up in the air.

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