Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is Almost Here!

I know it has been awhile since my last post but Travis is flying through his flight mech sylabus which means tons of flights, staying late, and me running the house all by myself--with two little toddlers tugging at my shirt while I try to do it. It definitely isn't easy right now but I think I am doing a great job of it and everyone seems happy and were having fun so I must be doing something right! We made time this weekend to go get some Spring pictures done and chose a new photographer (Jennifer Dickey transferred) and headed out to this beautiful almond blossom orchard out in Tracy, CA which is about an hour and fifteen minutes away. We all had tons of fun running through the orchard and I felt like I was in a dream it was so beautiful! We haven't gotten all of the pictures back from our photographer but we did get a few sneak peeks which I am crazy about! I also took some pictures here at the house of the girls modeling for Bootleg Lace Boutique again. She's our favorite. These are vintage inspired Easter dresses and they are DARLING! We decided to do a little tea party photo shoot since it was in the upper 70's here today (unusual for Northern Cali in March but we will take it!). They looked like little old ladys having tea and I could cry they are so darn cute! We enjoyed the sun for about an hour on the patio and ate some goldfish and took some pictures and that was pretty much our day today.I love you my little P & K...thank you for being my sweet little babies.

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