Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Waiting on sister

Ok not that Easter last year wasn't fun, but this year was even more fun! If I remember, the girls were walking last year but of course didn't get the concept of what the little plastic eggs were for and although I am pretty sure they didn't quite understand it fully this year, they knew enough to go hunting for them and to put them in their baskets. We mostly hung out at home and of course didn't get to go to any of the really huge Easter egg hunts that they have here in San Francisco (still RSV season) but we had our own little one downstairs in the front yard and it turned out to be a beautiful day despite the morning shower that we had. I made the girls' Easter dresses and they had the cutest little bunnies on them. I hope to keep them so that maybe they can be passed down to their children one day.The girls loved collecting their eggs and we even dumped them out again a couple of times to let them do it again. That probably won't happen next year when they understand a little more. We filled the eggs with strawberry gummies and teddy grahams and when Presley realized that there was gummies to be found in them she opened all of them and ate away leaving Kourtney to carry her basket and wait for her to open another egg before she would grab her basket and continue on with Kourtney. It melted my heart to watch Kourtney wait for her sister and even hold her basket for her. She is such a sweet girl. They got Easter baskets too with little necklaces and bracelets in them and money from Grandpa too. Of course Presley was really into the necklace and bracelets. My little priss. They were also really into the sunglasses I got them.Seriously couldn't get them to take them off. It was so cute. I love when they wear sunglasses. They look so cool. Haha! I cannot wait til next year to see how different the girls will be. Looking back at last year it blows my mind how big they've gotten in a year. Everyone always tells you that it goes by fast and I never believed them but I definitely see what they are saying now! And of course, I took a hundred pictures....

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