Thursday, January 17, 2013

RIP Grandmama

Presley and Kourtney,
Yesterday your Great Grandma Audrey left this world and Heaven got a beautiful new angel. She would have been 90 years old in 5 days. She was honestly the most kind hearted, genuine people I have ever known. She was so sweet, soft spoken, and could make the best food ever. While your Nana could tell you many more stories than I ever could about her, I do know that your Daddy thought the world of her. He has always told me that they had a large part in raising him and that he would go every summer to your Great Grandma and Grampi's house to work on the farm that they had. They would can green beans and all sort of other vegetables and then your Daddy and Grampi would go sell them from the back of Grandpi's truck on the side of the road. I even have an old newspaper clipping of the two of them selling them here at home in an old scrapbook. Great Grandmama grew up in Raymondville, Texas and then her and Grandpi bought land in North Texas and continued their lives there until 2005 when Grandpi passed away at that home. Your Daddy has about a million stories about that land and farm and when he was growing up. I only got to go there once and that was when we were helping to move Great Grandmama to Dallas to live with Warren after Grandpi's passing. It was beautiful. Nobody around for miles, only accessible by a dirt road, and a beautiful lake/swamp area that your Daddy said he always fished on. Your Daddy even escaped school once during recess and went back to your Great Grandmama's house and didn't tell anybody. He just grabbed a pole and decided that it was a great day for fishing-not school. They found him hours later and the school put up a fence. Haha! There was also a story once that your Great Grandmama told me about. She said that one day your Daddy came in from fishing and told her that he had been bit by a snake. Panicked, your Great Grandmama decided to take him to the hospital. While talking on the way there, your Daddy calmly told her, Don't worry Grandmama, I know what happens when you get bit by a snake, you die". She said she floored it the rest of the way there. She always liked telling that story to me. It was just a water mocassin by the way but she just loved your Daddy so much and they had such a special bond.  She also would tell me all the stories about the fighting between the cousins that went on in that old house. Just normal kid bickering but I could always tell when she was retelling me the stories that she missed it so much--even the chaotic times. She came out to meet you in June of 2012 and she was so proud of you girls. She loved you so much! She wasn't doing well at that time but she said she wasn't going anywhere until she met her first--and only--grandchildren. She gave you girls so many hugs and kisses and you loved her just as much! We sent her pictures and picture books every couple of months and her room was filled with you girls' pictures. I am so glad that you got to meet her. We had her record a storybook for you so you will get to hear her voice anytime that you want. That book is priceless now and we will always keep it for you girls so that anytime you want to hear a bedtime story from her you will have it. All her recipes--along with her mothers and her mother's mother--are all in the family recipe book so if you ever want to cook her food you can just look it up. She was such a special lady and although you won't remember her like we do because you are just too young, your Nana, Daddy, and Aunt Jody have so many great stories about her and will be more than willing to tell you all about her. RIP Grandmama
Here is the blog entry from when she came to see you in June 2012: Great Grandmama and Nana Visit 

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  1. I am sorry about your loss. I really do cherish pictures of my son with his great-grandma too because every time we have with her is really valuable.

    Beautiful pictures.