Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Modeling barefoot sandals for Grunty Baby Boutique

We got a recent booking from Grunty Baby Boutique for some barefoot sandals and for all those Mama's out there with little baby girls I would definitely recommend them! The girls love to run around barefoot and these let them do so with a pretty little flower! They are perfect for summer! Grunty Baby Boutique booked us for three different colors so I think we are all set for summer now! And the best part is that they grow with baby and they will be able to wear them through a couple of summers. Here are the red and white ones being modeled.

And a couple of fun ones not modeling:


  1. oh my goodness there is just far too much cute in this post I can't bare it lol!! How do you live with all that cute?!?! lol