Monday, July 9, 2012

Anniversary Gifts

I thought I would share what me and your Daddy got each other for our 5th anniversary. Someday you'll have these passed down to you and you'll have a story about where you got them :)

Your Daddy got me an anniversary band that I had been wanting so that I don't have to wear my huge engagement ring and wedding bands all the time. I love it's sweet and simple ness. :)

I made your Daddy this framed picture made up of maps from everywhere we have lived together. I cut the maps into heart shapes and put them in the frame. I was thinking of doing it with all the places we've been but there's no frame big enough for that so I decided on places we've lived together. There's Corpus Christi,Tx, Vicksburg,MS, Clinton Township,MI, and San Francisco,CA. And of course room for more! I also gave him quite a bit of cash to put towards these things he wants for his truck. Don't ask me what they are. Ha!


  1. How sweet! I didn't even ge a card this year. >:(

  2. LOVE the frame with the maps of where you've lived together. Can't wait to do the same someday.

  3. Thanks Ali! And you could always start it with the places you've been together :) Aww Erica not even a card? :/ if it makes you feel any better Travis throws mine away in like a week. Hate seeing them in the trash but I mean I guess I don't expect him to keep them forever because if he saved every card I got him we'd have so much paper junk!

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