Monday, May 14, 2012

My Second Mother's Day!

Yesterday was my second Mother's day and we all got off to a rough start. Presley kept us up most of the night with teething pain and of course she woke Kourtney up a lot during the night also so when we woke up on Mother's Day I was exhausted from not sleeping much at all. In the morning, Kourtney kept running over Presley with the walker (and my toes--OUCH!) so Presley was quite upset. I guess Presley finally had enough and pushed her into the wall which make a scratch on her forehead. So we took the walker away. Then, they got into a fight over the boppy pillow and Presley pushed Kourtney down and Kourtney bit her tongue and lip and there was a bloody mess everywhere. I cleaned that up and just as I was finished, Presley threw up. Travis told me to take the day off and so I went to Subway and ate and then went out to Kohls to do some shopping. I spent the whole day out and about and it was great! I love the girls so much but Travis told me that today was my day and that I should go enjoy myself so I did. The girls got me a nice little card with scribble on it and a ladybug planter with some mini roses. It is so sweet! Travis got me an iPhone dock and speaker since I always listen to music and dance with the girls. Even though my Mother's Day got off to a rough start, I couldn't help but just be so grateful that I even had those problems to deal with this morning. I just remember what it was like last year with the girls still in the NICU and how I wanted them to be home with me so badly. I also thought about those that I met in the NICU who had had twins and lost one. I can't imagine how strong they must be to have to celebrate Mother's Day with only one child when they should've had two. Or the ones that lost both children, or even older ones. I am so blessed and I welcome bad days because I know that they aren't truely bad days as things could've been so much worse. Here are some pictures from yesterday:

I just LOVE those little scribbles!!!

And here is where we were last year on this very same day....what a difference a year makes!

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