Monday, May 7, 2012

Huddart Park

Another great weekend with summery warm weather made for the perfect opportunity to go to Huddart Park in Woodside, CA. Travis flew over it the other day and came home that day and asked me to look up what kind of park it was.Turns out it was Huddart Park and it is amazing! I felt like I was in Texas the entire time I was there and it made me feel so much at ease and happy and safe all at the same time. I really miss Texas and this just reminded me so much of it that it was just the perfect place for me to be and I loved every second that we were there. We picked up Subway and ate picnic style with the girls and just took in the scenery and wildlife. There was nobody for miles and the only person we ran into the entire half day that we were there was 1 park ranger. The trees are beautiful here and the Redwoods are so old and beautiful as well as the Oak and Sequoias.

Our picnic spot we picked out:

After we had our little picnic, we set out on one of the trails after giving the girls their cookies.

We got to the end of that trail which was about a mile long and on our way back the girls got another bottle and diaper change and we snapped a few pics before heading out on another trail. They loved the trail and were just taking it all in! We took our time on the trail so it took us quite a while to complete it but we didn't care we were in no hurry! 

Our second trail was the Chicadee Trail and this was a fairly easy trail as it is for handicapped also so we figured we would go explore one more trail before heading home for dinner. It was amazing and we saw a beautiful Blue Jay hanging out. I wish I could've gotten a picture but I guess he was camera shy. 

 We will definitely be back to Huddart Park this summer and I cannot wait to explore all the other trails and sites that we didn't get to today!

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