Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We wanted to wish Grandpa Vick (aka G-man) a very Happy Birthday and although we cannot see him and give him hugs and kisses in person we are sending them in spirit! We love you Grandpa and all the nice things you do for us. We hope you spend your day in the sun which is where you love to be and we hope that you know how much we love you! Sending you lots of raspberries and slobbery kisses!!! XOXO In other news, the Tooth Fairy needs to be saving up because Presley has one tooth that is breaking through and I see another one is on its way soon (2 bottom teeth). She is very uncomfortable but only at night and teethers help tremondously although she wants you to hold them for her because they make her hands cold. And I of course do it because I love her! So spoiled! Kourtney has also started standing and as you can see from the pictures she is very proud of herself and very excited!  I found this out by waking up one morning to her standing in her co-sleeper. Time to move her to the big bed soon! I am not ready for that though :( Here are some pictures to brighten your day--

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