Monday, January 9, 2012

Crawling and Vegetables

Sorry I have not had as much time to post. That is in large part due to the girls crawling all over the place! It is so cute to watch and they get more and more coordinated everyday. We also have introduced vegetables starting with green beans, peas, squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, and a mixed vegetable blend in that order. So far, they love squash and sweet potatoes the best and I had a hard time giving them carrots as it seems they don't like them very much. The mixed vegatable blend went over really well also and it smelled like minestrone soup so I bet I would've enjoyed it also! :) We are also having our big one year evaluations this month by 3 different sources. The first was done by Easter Seals this past week (Easter Seals is early intervention therapists and feeding specialists). She did her evaluation and found the girls to be developmentally between the ages of 7-9 months. This is GREAT news!! This is great news because the girls' adjusted age is 7 months right now (going off original due date of June 3rd) and their actual age is 10.5 months. Doctors go by adjusted age until the age of 2 years old so the girls are actually right where they need to be in some areas while ahead in some others. She has said that she sees micro preemies like the girls and all of them are developmentally behind their adjusted age and that she is beyond impressed. So. Am. I. I am so proud of my girls!!! They have their important one on Jan 25th that is done by the neonatologists that took care of them when they were little so we will see what that report says but I have been warned that their findings are only based on what they happen to do that day whereas Easter Seals' findings are based over a weeks period which is way more accurate. I have also been planning their 1st birthday party. It isn't going to be a big party and I am not sure who will be here if anyone but I am going to throw one for them anyway even if it is just us four because their first birthday means so much more than other people's first birthday party that they throw for their children. I honestly didn't ever see myself getting to throw a birthday party for them because I didn't think they would make it. I feel so blessed to be able to see them grow and thrive into beautiful little girls and I just couldn't imagine my life without them. February 18th could've easily been very different this year. Travis and I decided to go with an owl themed party and I plan on making them a special birthday cake that they can actually eat (it is made out of carrots) and maybe some cupcakes for Travis and I. Here are some pictures and videos of them crawling and from these past 2 weeks:


I love squash!

Mmmmm squash!

Carrots tonight? No thanks, Dad

Mommy, I am not a fan of carrots!

Daddy and K on New Years

Daddy and P on New Years

Peek a boo!

New Years Eve

Feed me faster!

P holding her bottle!

Presley trying to hold her bottle

Peas please!
Party theme

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