Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa Sends Presley and Kourtney an Email!

Today the girls got their Synagis antibodies that help protect them from RSV. While it doesn't prevent them from getting RSV, it is suppose to reduce the severity of the virus. Only certain babies qualify for it and they are really strict about that because it is so hard to make and is very expensive ($2,500 a shot). It is administered for 5 months during RSV season and they will continue to get it until April. The girls did great with it and Kourtney didn't even cry and Presley only a little. We really hope that they don't get RSV anymore or that it isn't so severe if they do. It was also a risk to even go get the vaccine since we are taking them into a doctors office where sick kids are but the nurses always try to disinfect the whole room before we get there and we always wait in the hallway so we aren't exposing them to the sick kids. Presley now weighs 12 lbs 3 oz and Kourtney is weighing in at 13 lbs 2 oz now!

I was really bummed that the girls wouldn't get to go see Santa Claus this year since their will be too many kids and right during RSV season. I have been trying to convince Travis to dress up as Santa but he wouldn't do it and the costumes are too pricey to rent/buy. So, I ran across this website that you type in the child's name, their age, if they have been naughty or nice, their favorite color, the state your in, and what they want for Christmas. It then emails you a 3 and a half minute message from Santa and he even says the child's name and uses their picture! It is so cute! Be sure to watch both of them as they are different messages from Santa! The first two videos are of the girls' reactions and the last two are of the video itself since it expires in 30 days and I want to keep it forever!

So for the 3rd day of the 25 days of Christmas the girls got an email from Santa Claus.......

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