Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Photo Shoot!

Sorry for the lack of posts....things have been crazy around here! The girls have been having a lot of issues with spitting up....more like projectile spitting up and haven't gained any weight this whole past week. The Dr. diagnosed them with GERD which is basically like severe acid reflux. They are now on Prilosec and it is slowly getting better but then again it has only been 3 days since they started the medicine. Grandma Swain is also here for a visit and is having a lot of fun with the girls although they will not eat for her! Haha! My favorite part of this week has been their professional photo shoot with Jennifer Dickey, a Coast Guard wife, and the photos are amazing! I only have a preview right now but in a few weeks I should have all of the pictures. I even managed to get Daddy in some of them. He hates being in pictures but he did it anyway. Kourtney was a total supermodel! She was so calm the entire time, smiling, looking at the camera, and sleeping peacefully. She loved the feathers that Jennifer used and was trying to eat them.Presley on the other hand was very diva like. Throwing a fit and hitting her sister when they were doing pictures together. Jennifer finally calmed her down with a white noise application on her phone! Needless to say I quickly downloaded it myself for when she left for here at the house and it has worked great! She loves the sound of the ocean on it.  :)   Here are some pictures from the photo shoot:

Kourtney & Presley

Mommy & Presley

Family of 4!


Our little miracles



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