Friday, July 8, 2011

Special Visits!

The AEO of Air Station San Francisco came by to visit the girls and brought along presents which were a book and two pink and green blankets. She is 22 weeks along in her pregnancy and they are keeping the sex a secret! She was extremely nice and had breakfast blueberry muffins with us and held the girls and talked to them. It was really sweet!

Grandma Swain-or Nana-unsure what we have decided to call her right now also came by for a visit. She absolutely loved the girls and couldn't hardly put them down! I especially loved when Kourtney threw up all over her and she had to change clothes. A lot. We even had to do laundry for her during her visit! Haha!

The girls are now weighing in at 9lbs 14 oz for both. They are almost 1 month adjusted in age and 5 months actual. The GERD is getting better and Presley has quite the appetite! She's been eating like crazy and wanting more after that! She tries to eat everything in sight including my shirt, Daddy's shirt, our hands, her hands, pretty much anything you stick by her mouth! The girls are getting stronger and stronger everyday and Presley is getting really good at holding her head up and looking around. She is definitely stronger than Kourtney at this point. Here are some pics from their special visits:

AEO Maria Roick

Daddy and Nana at Elephant Bar (our favorite restaurant)

Nana with Kourtney and Presley

Daddy, Nana, Presley, and Kourtney outside our house

Kourtney & Presley

Daddy, Mommy, Presley, and Kourtney outside our house

Daddy with Presley

Kourtney hanging out in her bouncy chair

Presley in her bouncy chair

Another sneak peek at photo shoot- Presley smiling

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