Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The girls are home!

Sorry that I have not updated for a couple of weeks, I have been too busy cuddling with my baby girls and I am loving every minute of it! The girls came home on June 7th, after 110 days in the NICU. They were 4 days old adjusted and weighed in at 7 lbs 8 oz each when we walked out those doors. The nurses were happy and sad to see them leave and their primary nurses, Jo and Kathi, got them outfits, shoes, outfits, and all sorts of things and even cried when we left! Travis and I stayed the night before they came home at the hospital just in case there was anything that we weren't sure of and needed the NICU nurses for. The night went well except I was constantly getting up to make sure the girls were breathing. I was so scared that they weren't and I had gotten so use to the monitors that it was quite an adjustment. The next morning we visited with Dr. Lewis to get discharged and she told us that she was extremely impressed by how well the girls have done and that they were going home only a couple of days after their due date and without oxygen. Some of the other mother's there in the NICU have babies born later than Presley and Kourtney who are still there and going home on oxygen. We are very grateful and all of the Drs. there are amazing. As we walked out, all of the NICU nurses clapped and told us that they were going to miss us and congratulated us. The next day we had an eye appointment to make sure the ROP wasn't getting any worse and much to our amazement and the opthamologists', the ROP has gone away! He said he was "completely amazed" and how well the girls have done and that he usually does not see this outcome in 25 week micro preemies and that they girls have done fantastic.
The girls are loving being at home. They play under their rainforest play mat, swing in their swings, sit in their bouncers, and even watch cartoons with Travis. Travis is an amazing Dad and he cuddles with them, changes poopy diapers, picks out their outfits, kisses them, feeds them, and everything. He is so involved and I couldn't ask for a better Daddy for these two precious little girls. We see the pediatrician twice weekly, Monday and Fridays, to make sure the girls are gaining weight since that has always been an issue and I am happy to report that it no longer is. The girls are gaining weight fantastically and weigh in at 8 lbs 1 oz for Kourtney and 8 lbs 3 oz for Presley (although the Dr. said that was probably not correct because she hadn't pooped in a couple of days, haha). The girls are on daily diurectics for their lungs and we see the pulmonologist on June 22nd to check the status of their Chronic Lung Disease. Here are some pictures and videos from our first week at home:

Presley going home

Kourtney going home

Kourtney and Presley going home

Mommy with Kourtney and Presley

Daddy with Kourtney and Presley

First stroller ride

Kourtney had the front seat

Presley's first bath at home

Presley in her first swing ride

Presley in her crib

Presley had the back seat

Presley all clean from her first bath at home

Kourtney and Presley on their rainforest playmat

Kourtney and Genie taking a nap

Presley and Kourtney in their bouncer chairs

P & K taking a nap in their crib

P & K-Good Morning!

P & K - Good night!

Nap time with Mommy

Nap time with Mommy

Kourtney after her first bath at home

Kourtney's first bath at home

First visitor- Fischer with Presley

Fischer and Kourtney, Daddy and Presley

Fischer and Kourtney

Kourtney taking a nap with Daddy

Daddy and Kourtney doing tummy time

K & P playing


Presley and Kourtney cuddling with Daddy

Cuddle time with Daddy


Presley and Kourtney

My little miracles

My little miracles

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  1. I am so happy for you! I'm all teary eyed. They are beautiful!